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“God created it, so we can recreate with it.”

John Wozniak

Welcome to JohnDar ReCreations, the creative outlet for John and Darlene Wozniak. We spend a lot of our spare time creating works of art out of stone and precious metals. It is our hobby and our passion, and our favorite works are the next ones. We created this site to share some of the beauty of God’s creation, as we have worked to enhance that beauty. Since we have far more than we need, we will use this site to offer pieces for sale to the public. In addition, we own a small record company, and John is the author of three books, with two more in the works.

We have been known to rescue beautiful rocks from backyards and fields. We use some of them to make our creations, and we will offer some for sale for others to do the same. So if you are looking for something beautiful, look further through the pages of this site.

What are people saying?

  • ArcPoint Traveller (Book One) by John Wozniak is a well written Christian fiction with a unique story line, set mainly in the Mojave desert during the 23rd century. The story follows Arcon, a member of a community of people who have been living in seclusion since the early 21st century, as he tries to escape the community and find love. The other main character of the story is Elaina, a woman who helps rescue lost travelers and who assists Arcon in his escape attempt. The story is broken up with flashbacks to the 21st century when the facility and the community were set up, as well as the reasons behind the creation of the community. ArcPoint Traveller by John Wozniak would be of interest to those who enjoy love stories, dangerous escapes, and Christian literature. Move over Tarzan - there is a new tree climber in the jungle! Arcon was by far my favorite character; he had this naïve nature and a determined belief that there is more in the world for him than a community with a declining population. ArcPoint Traveller switches between multiple character perspectives to allow the reader to learn how the story is progressing for each character. John Wozniak includes the perspectives of the main characters, Arcon and Elaina, as well as the perspectives of some characters from the 21st century (flashbacks). The way that John Wozniak wrote about the community made it truly seem like its own ideal world in the past, and like a beautiful prison during the present day. At the end of the book I was left with a sense of excitement that there will be a further installment!
    Reviewed by Sefina HawkeReaders' Favorite
  • Arcon’s great-grandfather decides it’s time to follow God’s plan and make a different life for himself, his family, and his friends as well. They create their own world where they can follow their own way of life in a sacred place. But Arcon doesn’t want to stay in this place and is determined to travel through the forbidden lands until he can find Elaina, the girl he’s never met but somehow knows is going to be the key to everything. Learning about the beginning of his world, however, is the only way to truly understand what’s happening now and just what it means for the future, for Arcon, Elaina, and everyone else in both of their worlds in ArcPoint Traveller. ArcPoint Traveller by John Wozniak is definitely interesting, whether you’re a religious person or not. It has a lot of basis in understanding God and following His plan, but it’s also about following your own heart, and the story is full of adventure. There’s always a lot going on and the characters are interesting to follow. You find yourself wanting to know even more about them at every turn. The writing was great and really kept you in the story. You want them to succeed, to come together, and to finally accomplish everything that they are working towards - not to mention being drawn in by the story of how it all comes together, leading Arcon on the biggest adventure he’s ever tried to undertake.
    Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)Readers' Favorite
  • ArcPoint Traveller by John Wozniak is a brilliant story set against the vivid backdrop of a desert world two centuries from now. After the world has suffered the worst of apocalyptic changes, a small group of people tries to find solace in the heart of the Mojave Desert, a place secure from the evil plaguing the world. The huge question is: Can they create everything they want? In a community where rules are vital to the survival of its inhabitants, a young boy has to go beyond the limits to find love. Will he be able to succeed in escaping the guards, and what about the evil that lurks in the outside world? ArcPoint Traveller is Book One in a series, a seductively powerful opening to a series that will be enjoyed by many readers. John Wozniak starts the story with moving descriptions, and readers are immediately introduced to one of the most compelling characters in the story, Arcon. With skill and ingenuity, the author weaves a variety of themes into this breathtaking story, including love, religion, faith, and the ultimate power of community. The language is very beautiful and the author uses it to paint a landscape that is as symbolic as it is meaningful. The plot is strong, laced with many surprises. The shifts in plot lines and the backstory are skillfully used to create suspense and longing for more in readers. Arcon is my favorite character, solid, with a daring will and an unstoppable sense of adventure. Wozniak is one of those writers to watch closely; his work will hugely entertain and instruct readers. (5 stars)
    Ruffina OserioReaders Favorite
  • "For the others, God's peace was in this forest—but for him, true peace was out there, somewhere. They just needed to let him find it." Attempting to leave his home is both dangerous and forbidden, but Arcon feels he must follow his heart as well as a higher calling. Somewhere out there, beyond the tall ArcPoint trees and intimidating needle brush that help keep his isolated community separate from the rest of the world is Elaina, a girl he has only had contact with through long outdated technology. Yet he senses she is his future, and that despite the good reasons his people had for retreating from society over 200 years ago, God wants to use him to somehow reconnect the two. In a narrative that jumps forward and backward through the centuries, Wozniak weaves an intriguing tale of bioengineering, biblical end times, romance, and adventure. In this first installment of a story that employs elements of Tarzan and the Left Behind series but adds its own unique twists, the author presents a world divided by a terrible past. Arcon's ancestor, Lee Franklin, had been instrumental in creating a Christian community composed primarily of scientists and researchers who had worked to design the ArcPoint tree at a facility in the Mojave Desert. However, society was crumbling in a world where evil was being called good, and both war and natural disaster served to separate Lee's group completely from the rest of civilization. The trees, engineered to thrive in harsh conditions, quickly transformed the cut-off area into the Mojave Forest. Now, two centuries later, Arcon's escape from his home is the first attempt to bridge the gap between the cultures, but what he discovers on the other side of the Rift will challenge the preconceptions of both peoples. Well-written and thought-provoking, Wozniak's book offers a new take on science and the end times. It is a welcome addition to Christian apocalyptic fiction.
    John E. RoperU.S. Review of Books